100th Anniversary of the Natural History Museum


For two days now have we had a symposium to celebrate the 100th year birthday for the Natural History Museum building. The 7th and 8th of november. On the speaker list were I, Jan Storå, Love Dalén, Mattias Jakobsson, Per Möller, Inger Alsos, Neil Price, Oystein Flaggstad, Sven Isaksson, and Kristiina Tamberts. Over 200 came and listened. During these two days we learned about the colonization of Scandinavia by plants, animals, and humans, about Fennougric speaking people in northern Europe, and about the glaciation of the part of the world we live in. Not least did Sven Isaksson inform us about how incredibly swedish the kebab-pizza is, and Neil Price gave a picture of our viking-forefathers as people that would not have been nice to meet in an ally a dark night. And a nice touch was the artist, drawing the speakers as thy presented. Two very good and informative days.


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