The war-room in Ankara

Today (1st of december) we had a ”war-room” at METU in Ankara. Those war-rooms are some of the most fun and rewarding events in our academic task. When we have enough data and preliminary analyse-results, those of us who are engaged in the actual material gather for a full work-day to go over everything; the data, the analyses, the archaeology connected to the material, etc. We call those days’ war-rooms as they are full of discussions, interpretations, research strategies, and just buzzing life and creativity. There just is no drug that can provide the same kind of kick as these meetings do, or the same mental exhaustion after. As this particular project is driven by researchers in Mehmet Somels groups in Ankara (and it is also Mehmet who is standing by the white-board), and there are less people from Stockholm University than from METU involved, this war-room was held at his university. And it was as rewarding as they always are.metu