Food for mind and body at the department day.

Today, the 7th of December, the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies had it´s department day at hotel Elite Palace at St: Eriksgatan. A day full of presentations on different research-projects at the department. And with a Christmas-dinner afterwards. A good day with quality from the beginning till the end. Three of the presentations were ATLAS-related. Maja Krzewinska described her planned work on multiple burials, a project that strongly ties in to our ATLAS-work. Much passion and competence goes into her project. Jan Storå (on the photo) guided us through his and Jan Aples work on the earliest settlers on the Balitc islands, also a fascinating piece of work. And I presented some of the oddest surprises we are enjoying from the ATLAS-material at the moment. There are some mind-twisting puzzles there. Gunilla Eriksson also presented the ongoing work on the massacre at Sandbyborg, a project where I, Maja Krzewinska, and Ricardo Rodriguez have small parts. And the Christmas-dinner after the presentations, boy was it some good food. Quality as well as quantity there. This was a really good day!int