Of wine and workshops

It was a good week, with a sweet ending. Jan Storå visited a workshop in Härnösand (This church, Murbergets, inspired by Hackås, has been used as an illustration to this workshop previously, so I do the same). He got a chance to describe how our work on material from the north is coming along, and also to learn more about the archaeological context from where we have sample. We are working away on our northern samples at the moment, and it is important to keep an open link to its archaeology. And today (Friday the 9th), I was examining Christian Carøe at DTU, Copenhagen, as he defended his thesis on the genetics of wine. What an awesome project, to travel around the wine-yards and sample their best wines for metagenomics, and maybe just have a little taste, to see what is running on the machines. Christian did a good job, he certainly presented some methods that will be very useful to us working on ancient DNA.hacka%cc%8akyrka