ATLAS on-site visit in Vadstena

Twice every year, the people working in the ATLAS-program in Uppsala and Stockholm visits a place from where the program has samples. We had the 6th such retreat in Vadstena the 15-16th December this year. By now, the schedule is formalized. It is usually one day of talks, prepared in the same way as talks for scientific conferences, but based on preliminary data that needs to be discussed but is not ready for a proper scientific conference. The second day is used for excursions to the sites from where we have samples. These are great days, full of creativity and discussions. The two talks that provoked most discussion today were actually not based on ancient human DNA, but one slightly provocative on metagenomics (that was me) and yet one discussing some pitfalls in 14C datings. Apart from these two talks, we also learned much about the status in several of the proper human archaeogenetic sub-projects, and one enlightening archaeological reflection provided by Jan Storå. And with Christmas around the corner, the food was, as you can see, not bad.