Metagenomics, African exodus, and the Neolithisation.

These last days before Christmas are always amazingly intense. So much that needs to be finished before the holidays. Libraries at SciLife for sequencing, data in the pipeline for mapping, various things that needs to be written up, and several deadlines around the corner. Intense but fun. And this year this work was complemented with an equally intense lecturing-concentration for the course. This Monday we had Martin Sikora from the GeoGenetic center in Copenhagen visiting, telling us about metagenomics, paleopathology, and how it ties in to ancient DNA. On Tuesday Mattias Jakobsson from Uppsala was here, lecturing about Out of Africa. And finally, today, Wednesday the 21st of December Pontus Skoglund (on the picture) from Harvard was here, lecturing about Neolithisation-events in various parts of the world. Three super-good scientists lecturing about three super-interesting topics. A good way to end a