Much ado about more than nothing

This is promising to be a good week, and Wednesday is just only about to start. So far I have had the opportunity to teach, write a first rough draft of a manuscript on a Neolithic peculiarity, writ and submit a pre-application for a grant, and prepare calls for two new positions. And today is going to be all about the new SciLife facility.


The idea behind the SciLife facility is to provide a service for those who are interested in ancient DNA, but do not have the laboratories or genetic skills to preform the work themselves. Over the latest years I have had several calls from museums, projects, and fellow researchers who have inquired about getting their material examined. Usually I have to turn these suggestions down, as my research-staff only have time for so much work, and my funders are very specific in what I am to do. However, with the support we have been granted from SciLife, we are to have a facility up and running for these clients before the end of the year. That leaves a lot to do. New laboratories should be built and organised, people needs to be hired. Today will be a first step down the SciLife path.