Fröken Frimans debatt

Over the latest weeks we have had a long-needed debate in Sweden. How to react to journalists who take credit for research they have only reported, not conducted. This is actually not so uncommon, at least not in Sweden. And the latest example is the documentary TV-series Fröken Frimans Krig, about how women had to work very hard to get the right to vote in Sweden. A very good series, but based on not-cited historic research, often presented in a way leading the viewer to believe it was the journalists who did the research.

This time the academic community hit back, and there has been a very active debate for some weeks. Strangely, one has to say. It should not be debatable whether to have to cite used research or not. Ida Östenberg suggests various measures here to handle this problem (in Swedish I am afraid). I do not know if these measures are the best, but it is certainly good that the problem has been brought to discussion.