Days of horror and excitement

These are days of applications. Writing about future possibilities late during the nights. But even when the application-deadlines are packed tighter than Christmas-tree-lights in a box, one should never forget the scientific problems that keeps us in this trade. Today January 31st) Helena Victor from Kalmar County Museum visited, and we had a chance to discuss our preliminary data from Sandbyborg, where she is excavating.

Sandbyborg is a particularly nasty place. Or actually, today it is a beautiful place by the coast, with possibilities for some great research. But that was not always the case. Some 1500 years ago it was the scene of what must have been one of the most brutal massacres in northern Europe at the time. A complete and total slaughter of all the inhabitants in a fortified village on eastern Öland. There are traces of all kinds of nasties and atrocities having been carried out in a violent moment of our pre-history. The material is exciting to work with, but the reality behind it sends shivers down any normal person’s spine.

Lazlo, Helena, and Jan discussing particulars concerning Sandbyborg over Thai-lunch