Time to go medieval

Yesterday (the 9th of February) we had another war-room, this time concerning some medieval material.  As I have mentioned before, those occasions are the most inspiring in the research process. All the data is there, genetics, isotopes, archaeology, chronology, everything. And a set of creative minds (this time Charlotte, Maja, Anna, Janne, and I) spending a full day trying to make sense of them. It is just pure fun, and yesterday was no exception. Especially since the discussion was supported with a variety of good sweet-tapas.


And about all that medieval stuff. We have a lot of it by now. My favourite plan for it would be for someone in my research-group to share a Ph.D. student with Linus Flink and Liverpool, a student who could work the topic full time. But the UK and Sweden are two different countries with different systems and different paths forward, so it may not be possible. But for now it is an idea I like a lot.