Wine, chocolate, and preliminaries

Perugia is an amazing town in central Italy. They make great chocolate there, it is full of history, they have a yearly workshop in anthropology there (one with an extension on African hominin sites!), and it is a good place to get preliminary data. I was there to give a guest lecture on the workshop, this year specialised in molecular anthropology. It was Flavio De Angelis, who rightly convinced me that the workshop would be a great thing to be a part of. If I would have been 25 years younger and started my career in ancient DNA now, the workshop in Perugia would actually have been a nice place to take off from.

Flavio visited Stockholm at the end of 2016 with a set of Italian human remains he really wanted data from. And spent many hours together with Natalya and Veronica, and alone in the laboratory, squeezing the DNA out of the bones. And was it not great then that we finally got the preliminaries the day when both of us were in Perugia on the workshop? The preliminaries were good enough to justify a sweet evening downtown with excellent meat, chocolate, and of course wine (although this evening was really organised to acknowledge the teachers in the laboratory, of which Flavio was one).