Visitors from far far away

Tuesday the 28th of February and Wednesday the 1st of March we had visitors from the other side of the world. Professor Nikolaj Kradin from Vladivostok (where he is representing the Far-Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences) and Professor Aleksej Tishkin from Barnaul (where he is the Vice-rector for Scientific and Innovative Development Altai State University) came to town. We have an ongoing collaboration with these two gentlemen and thus had a lot to talk about. They coordinate some amazing material, and represent an expertise on far-eastern archaeology that is not to be matched in northern Europe.

They also took the time to deliver one presentation each. Nikolaj Kradin talked about “The pastoral nomads of Transbaikalia and Mongolia: from tribalism to world empire.” Amazing to hear about the dynamics of eastern and central Siberia, and how the various groups that were active there influenced much of the Old World. Thereafter did Aleksej Tishkin present ”Altay in Xiungnu-Syanbi-Zhouzhan time (II century BC – V century AD): based on the archaeological excavations of burial and ritual complexes.” A talk much based on his own excavantional experiences. And what a fantastic material he showed! Complete warrior-burials with preserved arrows, saddles, armor, battle-daggers, just amazing artifacts. Some truly inspiring days, focusing on a fascinating prehistory far away from Europe.