“Frozen wind began to blow, Under my boots and around my toes”

I was mentioning the Sala Silvergruva material in a previous note. It is one of those materials that do have an interesting story to tell, but that repeatedly falls between larger chairs and never get written up. Some of the group-members (Maja, Natalya, Anna, Ricardo, and I) agreed to carry out an experiment, to lock ourselves up for a few days on a remote location and try to write it up. To some degree it is the same concept as the old Oxford-groups legendary 24-hour-papers, where they challenged themselves to start from scratch and write and submit a paper within 24 hours. After the group had scattered over the world, I was involved in one such undertaking with one of the originals, resulting in a small paper about DNA from fox-tracks in the snow. But back to the Sala study, while not wanting to work for a straight 24 hours, and while not rushing to submitting within the same period, we stole the concept of several co-workers focusing all attention on one task for a few days, and took it with us to Lofsdalen.


Lofsdalen is good for more things then writing papers, skiing for example. And a few hours of skiing during the morning is good for the writing process in the evening. While we all brought different levels and styles to the slope (I was, for example, described as ”the redneck of the slope”, which probably is not flattering neither for the look I have with my equipment, or lack of it, nor for my style of skiing), we all enjoyed some fun up in the hill before lunch. And the study? At the moment it is looking promising, and if we bring a first draft of a manuscript with us back to Stockholm tomorrow I am prepared to try this again.


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