Things that happens in the lab should stay there

I do not get to do much lab-work these days. Some will claim that there is a good reason for that, but I built a large part of my career on things I did in the laboratory, and I have seen some amazing things in there: baby-neandertal-ribs, Birger Jarls bones, attack ships burning off the shoulder of Orion (sorry, that was Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner), towers built of colorful racks (sorry again, this time because it was not Rutger but me, this afternoon).

Tower of racks



So when my esteemed colleague and friend Love Dalén called me and said: ”I have some funky mammoth bones, not the ordinary stuff, the kind of stuff that needs experienced hands”, I did not hesitate to accept the invitation.

Professor Love Dalén


The plan was to do all the work in my laboratory, but for some reason my researchers had booked my laboratory for weeks. We do have a lot to do, and this may be the reason, but it could be that someone leaked the information that I and Love were going in the lab, and they quickly booked it for a number of weeks to keep anything disastrous from happening. We ended up in Love´s laboratory. And just because we are super-experienced at this stuff does not mean that we area any good at it, so just to be safe we brought Patricia in, to supervise us.

Patricia, the supervisor


We ended up doing a good two-days of work in the laboratory. And maybe Patricia would actually have done it faster without us, but it was still some good practical lab-work we did. Most of the time. Although some things that happens in the lab should stay there.

Things that happens in the lab should stay thereSat