So there you are, happily surfing away, maybe celebrating with a cup of coffee (or ten) because you just got out of the latest application and you are still breathing. When you stumble upon a site that announces a major grant, really a major major one. But the deadline is only 7 days away so you could not get it together anyway. Or could you? A quick look at the specifics lets you know that only five pages are needed. Who could not write five pages, for fifty million Swedish kronor? Could be worth a try, there are those samples from somewhere far away that you need a suitable project for anyway, and it is only five pages. And if you never apply you never get any dew. So you go for it.


First thing to do is to sweet-talk the administration into letting you write the application, because the university usually have some kind of deadline three weeks down the line to stop crazy people from trying to write fifty-million-kronor-grants in seven days. But you humble yourself and mention that you basically already have the grant written, more or less, you just need a go-ahead and a recommendation letter signed by the chancellor. And when you get that, that´s when you are really smoked, cause now you really have to write the application since you got all of the administration working to convince the chancellor to approve the idea and sidestep the regulation stopping lunatics from trying to write major applications in no time.


But five pages is not so much for a research-plan, it is doable. If it was not for the additional five pages on implementation and equality-strategies, and yet some pages on leadership-philosophy, and then there is of course your whole CV, scattered all over your computer in different files deep deep in different parts of the system, that you need to pull together. And those seven days, yea, you have to go somewhere one of them to do something you promised a long time ago, and then there is that 50 year celebration a good friend is throwing in another part of the country over the weekend. Still three days though, and 20 pages, well there is no way out now.


When you are sitting there, three o’clock in the morning, 11 hours before the deadline, uploading files to a site that actually has a little clock on the side ticking down, showing how little time  it is left to the deadline, that´s when you reflect over what was the point of no return, and why it seemed as such a good idea to cross it. But you get it submitted in time, cause there is no alternative. You have had an army of people helping you out on the way and it is just not possible telling them, all of them, that you missed the deadline. So there you are again, already having forgotten about the latest two nights when you did not have time to sleep, happily surfing away, maybe celebrating with a cup of coffee (or ten) because you just got out of the latest application and you are still breathing. And there on some site is a call for a really cool and major grant, I mean a really cool one this time, and only asking for seven pages for the research-plan, seven pages are not so impossible…


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