Today Theresa May triggered article 50, and the UK started its exodus from the EU. I understand that it has always been good for Sweden to have the UK in the EU, since we have much shared the same opinions, argued the same way, and voted the same way. But the UK is leaving, and I was just quickly trying to find out if there are any predictions for what this would mean for science. There are bits and pieces written about it here and there. Nature questioned over 1000 scientists in the UK about their future plans, and it appears as if an increasing amount are considering leaving the UK. We also know that the UK has had a tremendous success in retrieving EU grants, 22% of them seems to go to the UK. With the UK leaving the EU, a tough competitor for grants, but an excellent fellow research-producer is now out. Much of the policies behind the research-grants in EU (except for providing for good research) seems to be mobility and working-conditions (being employed instead of having scholarships etc). Thus, if the UK were harvesting 22% of the EU grants, and those promote mobility, it is likely that we will see lesser people from the UK at EU universities, and lesser people from the EU at UK universities in the future. Two years is not so far away, and time always seems to move fast, so I guess we will know soon enough if there are any notable consequences, and what they will be.