Diseases and teenagers

These are days of visits in the archaeolgenetic group. And that is always nice, people coming in, staying for a short or long period, sharing their ideas, picking up some of our ideas, and eventually returning to their home-organisation leaving some impressions behind and bringing new once back with them.

Shoes outside the laboratory indicates activities inside the laboratory


Flavio is back again, to work his super-sick Romans even more. I have complete faith in Flavio, and I need to have. Cause if only just one of the nasties from any of his poor ancient humans spread in the archaeogenetic group, we would all die a painful death and there would be no more archaeogenetics at Stockholm University.

Flavio, and he better not kill us all!


Irene and Hector are her too, working with ancient domesticates. No matter how I try to get rid of the old life-stock, it keeps coming back at me one way or another. And that is not a bad thing, since they bring with them several interesting questions, and even better if they bring Irene and Hector with them.

Hector and Irene, on the life-stock detail


And working the database are some visitors who are most competent at doing just that. These two PRAO-students, Simon and Lukas, are teenagers. And no matter how good a bioinformatician or programmer you are, when it comes to computers, teenagers always beats everybody else. They are in their natural habitat when they are behind a keyboard.

Simon and Lukas, handling the database