Room to roam

Research is working with puzzles, and not only the scientific puzzles, actually especially not the scientific puzzles. Those are easy, science is easy compared to logistics. You may start out with yourself and a Ph.D. student, and then it is all cool, it is only two desks you need. But as you get more funded, you recruit more people, and now you need more desks, and maybe even a room. And as time passes, the process becomes more complex. More fundings, more people, but some are also leaving. Eventually, you can well find yourself with some 10 people and four rooms to play with, but in very different parts of a building, and attempts to get the rooms closer together gets a big NO from the administration, because there are some kind of bureaucratic rules for how rooms are distributed. But you got the four rooms, and was it 10 people, well at least yesterday, but now it is 9, and as you are recruiting new people it will be 11 next week. Oh, and there are two guests coming in next week (but one is leaving and going home as well).


And while you are trying to stay on top of this logistic jigsaw puzzle, you lose your own office because of an addition of a Ph.D. student to another group in the building, but that is OK since you get another office four doors down the corridor. And you realize that there is another force, above you, also jigsawing the rooms.

Hector and Irene, bricks like the rest of us in the office-jigsaw


My dad was a sailor. He once told me that a really good first mate is never promoted to skipper. Loading and unloading a cargo-ship in the most efficient way is a really complex task, and the competence of the first mate heading this process may save the company loads of money. And that´s what I need now, someone who is really good with that kind of logistic jigsaws. My next recruitment-add will be posted in places and on ships where a number of first mates are certain to notice them.