Wenner-gren and the ups and downs of Stockholm

A good thing about organising a Wenner-gren symposium is that you get to see Stockholm from different angles. For example, when you go to the Wenner-gren building, you use the subway. At least most of us who live in Stockholm do. And if the meeting you are going to attend is before lunch, you stand a good chance of ending up in the rush-hour in the Metro. And you will be amazed from the sheer amount of phone-zombies walking around in the underworld, with spooky lights in their faces from their phones they are bent over. And constantly getting in your way. (I keep wondering if I will turn into one of them if they bite me). Then, when you get to the 23d floor in the Wenner-gren building, the view is very different. Gone are all the phone-zombies, and before your is Stockholm in all its beauty.

Stockholm Metro, a natural obstacle on the way to work


Wenner-gren symposia’s are just the right size for some great scientific discussions. About 20 invited speakers, and about 70 additional people in the audience. The Wenner-gren foundation has granted me and Mattias Jakobsson the possibility to organise one of these meetings, and thus we get to invite the scientists we believe to be the best to describe and discuss a specific topic (that we also are reasonable free to chose). If we cannot organise an interesting meeting under these circumstances, we do not deserve to attend any interesting meetings at all.

Mattias Jakobsson om the 23d floor in the Wenner-gren building