Before urbanization

We are starting to see some diversity in projects within the ATLAS group now. Maja has her multiple-burial project, Anna is engaged in the Ostia project, and there are more applications being treated. That is good. Spread the gospel. Today Torun, Anna, and Cecilia presented their new Sigtuna-project, supported by VR. It is an archaeological project, but given that two of these ladies are sitting on some pretty hefty genomic data from Sigtuna, I would be surprised if archaeogenetics do not find its way into it. The auditorium was full, and Sigtuna was amazing (amazingly presented), as always. The project focus on what was there before the first enduring urban environment in Sweden was built on top of it. The project will likely bring up some interesting aspects on the time bordering to early urbanization, and maybe even venture across the border. A period that is highly interesting to us given what we are doing with Sigtuna at the moment.

Torun presenting various aspects of Sigtuna before Sigtuna