Blast from the past

Interactions are fun, collaborative efforts of different kinds and depths. And when you are old enough you get to decide for your self who you join forces with, and you can call on all those fun people you remember from the early days for new projects and undertakings (I consider 48 years and a quarter of a century in the field to be ”old enough”). Today at Bergianska Trädgården I had the pleasure to meet one of my supervisors from when I wrote my master thesis, Per Persson. Per is active in Oslo, and although it is a long time since archaeogenetics was his main focus, he still keeps an active interest and some activities beside his major tasks. The idea was of course that we would discuss a material we have been sequensing for him, and we did. At least part of the time. Maybe not such big part of the time, but we did fulfil our duties concerning the material. And it is going to be a cool project whatever way Per steers it. But most of the time was spent on old memories, when I mistook a meeting-date and went to Gotland one month ahead of Per, when we experimented with fishing (today it is known as capture) late nights back in the 90ies, other things that happened when we were doing ancient DNA almost a quarter of a century ago. Today was much fun and also some business.

Per and Tess at Bergianska Trädgården