Next generation

As we seniors are getting closer to the category veterans, there are juveniles moving up to seniors. The generation behind us that will one day be us, when we are leaving the stage. And we hope that the coming generation is good, and ready to push even further. Yesterday Hans Ahlgren gave us a glimpse of this generation. He was giving his final seminar, a seminar that is essentialy a test on if the student is ready to defend his / her Ph.D. thesis. Laszlo Bartosiewicz was filling the shoes of the opponent ready to move in for the kill (although in this case not so killy but rather super-interesting and discussion-engaged). Hans is working on human-animal relations in prehistory, and his main tool is archaeogenetics. We got to hear much about hares colonizing islands, mooses, seals, and hunting. Some Baltic island were colonized several times by hares during the meso/neolithics, and aided by humans to reach the islands, genetic patterns may reflect hunting-strategies in the north, and there is a nasty old rock-picture full of dead and killed and snuffed mooses. It was a good two hours, and from what I can see, I am not particularly worried, neither about Hans dissertation, nor about the coming generation.

Hans doing his final seminar