Footballers and peer-reviewers

Cristiano Ronaldo is an amazing footballer, so is Messi, and Zlatan and Müller too for that sake. But they are all but bleak shadows of Diego Maradona. The little Argentinian were able to do things that no one have been able to do before or after him. Nevertheless, I would not defend that divine hand, and he has done and said a few things outside the field of green that he probably should not have done or said.


Production is good now. Manuscripts are going back and forth to journals. A few days ago one that I especially like due to its unusual amount of cultural history (unusual for a better archaeogenetic study) came back from a journal with an invitation for re-submission after a set of changes suggested by the reviewers had been applied. Looking at the suggested changes, I immediately got upset with the low level of the reviewers, till I decided that they were probably just aiming to reject us and misunderstood a bunch of things deliberately. Actually, the editor was probably in on the whole plot, probably even masterminding the atrocity. 25 years ago I would have written the editor my thoughts on this issue at this point, revealing the intellectual sneakiness of it all. But that was 25 years ago, now I put it in my drawer for 24 hours and picked it out and looked at it again when I had brushed off some pieces of my hurt pride. And what do you know, this time most of the suggestions were actually really good! And none of them were super-complicated to include. Following them will most certainly improve the manuscript and make it both easier to read and more interesting.


Maradona was the best football-player this world has ever seen, but defending all of his actions would just be misused pride and stubbornness.