Summer is the time for visitors

What do you do when you have an ever increasing amount of material and data, and the work-force are loaded with projects already? You invite guest-researchers! And then it is all about selling the material and datasets to them. This usually works better if the name of the site is full of X and Z and it is located in a country far far away, or if it contains the Spanish word ”Diablo” somewhere in it. But it is always possible to get people onboard projects with good materials. This summer we are having some of the researchers I enjoy working with most visiting. First to arrive was Anna Linderholm, who came in from Texas today. She is already in the laboratory with Maja and a set of continental bones that they are working on turning into DNA. And tomorrow Linus Girdland Flink will arrive from Liverpool, and on Thursday David Díez will come by to pick up another project (but only from the other side of the street, and not moving in). And in a few weeks we will have Cristina Valdiosera her too, from Down Under. Maybe we are turning the laboratory into a day-care centre for researchers, but it will be fun, and we will generate a set of interesting studies this way that would have taken much longer otherwise.


Anna and Maja should have been on this picture, but as they are in the laboratory, their shoos will have to do.