Another writing session

A new two-day writing session. This time closer to home, in Uppsala. These events have their own qualities, and I am always amazed by them. The force from the creativity and concentration by a small groups of researchers locked up in one room is enough to turn data and analytical results into a first manuscript-draft, almost ready for circulation in the wider author group, in two days. We do this every now and then, usually with a dataset that is unlikely to reach a priority within the group to get worked on and eventually published. This time it is Federico, Mattias, Janne, Magdalena, Helena, Linus, and me who are working the keys on the computers. And I am sure, before tomorrow is over we will have turned this particular dataset in to a few pages of text and graphs. This is another type of activity that can be marked down under the heading “fun stuff” on the sheet with notes on things that a researcher does


Helena, Mattias, and Janne during a coffee-break. There is always something to discuss.