To Moscow! To Moscow! To Moscow!

Moscow is a place I visited much in my youth, but I have not been here for nearly two decades. Back then it was everything but work that brought me here (at least on my earliest visits), but that was then. Now I was told by Maria Dobrovolskaya that she may have spotted some common interests. Maria has much knowledge on many aspects of Russian archaeology, and quit a few good ideas on how archaeogenetics can be used to approach both some old and some new problems.


The Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences is where we sampled today, and also where I sampled 20 years ago. Back then I felt like a plastic surgeon with the drill (I don´t say I was like one, only that I felt like one). But time is a cruel thing, group-members half my age are twice as good as I am on many laboratory-related things these days, including sampling. And they don´t break things. Why it is good not to go without another member from the group on those sampling-trips. Given the material Natalya sampled today, I am pretty sure that it will not take another 20 years till we are here the next time. We will have much fun to talk about by the end of 2018, us and our colleagues at the Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


Natalya, Irina, and Maria going through the material