Submitting, the end-game

I came in to work today, and there was Ricardo submitting a manuscript with some support from Maja. It is actually amazing when a project reaches this stage, that a project reaches this stage. First it is an idea and the material is collected. It is all fresh here, a new cool idea. Then it is all about collecting data. And if you want proper sequence-data, not just SNPs (we are trying to stay away from the SNPs as much as possible, it is better to rely on sequence-data for many reasons, even if they take longer to get), it will take some time. This stage can go on for a year, and I can assure you, it feels more fresh and new and fantastic the first day of this year than the 365th day of the same year. Sequencing, re-sequcencing, filling in gaps and driving the material up to descent coverage. And then analysing the data. And re-analysing the data since there are new angles, or the initial analyses did not include a dataset that should have been there. By now one have started another ten projects that are running in parallel with the first one (and the later ones are usually more fun, since they have not been around long enough for people to get bored with them). Writing up is a process of it´s own. Different co-authors often have different ideas of what to do with the data, and thus the writing-process turns into a negotiation. When it is time so submit, the project is a long way from the freshness of the initial idea, and the paper feels less interesting.


But the thing is that the study usually maintains its qualities, and if properly conducted, will be good. And all those negotiations with co-authors and re-analyses always adds a lot of quality to the study, this is visible in the end-product even if it feels tedious during the process. A project where several strong minds are involved almost always ends up better in the end than a solo-project. Even if it has lost it´s glamour internally to the group. Every submission is thus a good thing, the starting of the end-point for that particular project. And the paper Ricardo was submitting today did actually maintain most of it´s interest to the group all through the process due to it´s various twists and turns while it was being conducted. Good work Ric, let´s cross our fingers.

Ric submitting a manuscript