Vacation is over

One of my former bosses once told me that it is not always easy to get good researchers, so one will have to live with what he gets. Well, I don´t know where, or how he is looking, but I feel sorry for him. After a few weeks of vacation, I came back to what I think must be one of the best research-groups there is. At least it is my favourite research-group. Maja and Anna had just submitted a manuscript and were working to get yet one manuscript ready for submission. Ricardo, who has his latest manuscript under submission, had started to prepare an application. Gulsah had worked up some really impressive analytical results of what were only sequences when I left for vacation. And apparently she and Maja have more analytical data they have worked up, that they did not have time to show me now. Natalya had already turned libraries in for sequencing of what she came back with from Russia right before I left for vacation. And Torun had written a review. And the guests are equally efficient. Irene was in the laboratory, running BioAnalyzer on some of the stuff Hector and Cris had been doing. And as sugar on the top of all this, Vendela showed up today for her first day at work. Vendela is a most welcome addition to the group, and I am looking forward to having her working with us. Vacation is good, but getting back from vacation to this kind of environment is just amazing.

A picture of Vendela, stolen from NRM