While the cat’s away

So, full activity in June, to get as much as possible done before vacation. Submissions for sequencing, writing manuscripts, preparing for autumn-journeys, everything. And then four weeks of vacation. I did pop in a few times when I was in town, hard to leave it all alone. Cause much of the rest of the group did not go on vacation in July, they spend the month working to take vacation during other periods of the year. And there were things happening I wanted to keep updated on. During the four weeks I was gone, moulding a concrete staircase on the county-side, the group submitted more manuscripts than we have submitted during the rest of the year. And some fine analyses were performed for ongoing studies. Production was high in Stockholm, although not in concrete-moulding. Now, some may point out that there was just one factor differencing this highly-productive period from the rest of the year. Some may actually say that the only difference was that the professor was somewhere else, playing with concrete. But I think that this is not a subject that should be explored further. And if we really need to go there, why not approach it from an angle investigating what concrete-moulding on the county-side does for science.