With several studies submitted and out of the way (for the moment), there is room for new studies. At least till the submitted studies comes back and calls for additional analyses and more formatting work. Why Anna, Torun, and Maja called for a small war-room today. Some of our Iron-age stuff that we have been waiting for for some time now is back and ready for consumption. And the backing of a good database with much data, and I mean much proper genomic sequence data, is great. In this particular case we were discussing a PC plot, when I was worried that the pattern was artificial due to all the different problems with doing multi-variate stuff on joint modern and ancient DNA. ”Let me add some of our Iron-age samples from other parts of Europe to see if we can anchor this, just give me a minute”, I was told by Maja. Data is great to have. And more data is even better to have. And interestingly, the more data we get, the more our archaeologists steer us away from the larger meta-demographic studies and in to more classic archaeological specific problems.

Torun and Maja, deep into a PC plot