When half a year from now becomes next month

Say that someone asks you if you can go to the other side of the continent and do something work-related next month. You don´t even have to look in your calendar, next month is one of those month when you have too much to do even to go to the grocery-store. A crazy month. Actually, you already have two visits abroad in your calendar next month (you need to get tickets for those by the way, and also for the one next week, cause you have down-prioritized organizing that to do stuff that you down prioritized earlier and have to do really quick now). And when you look at those journeys in your calendar, it hits you (again) that you need to remember the next time you are about to agree to go somewhere far away in half a year, that half a year from now will eventually become next month.


These journeys are good for work though, and they will be fun too. One is a presentation with Flavio de Angelis and his team in Rome, and the other concerns more work with Maria Dobrovilskaya and Maria Mednikova in Moscow. Those visits I´d sign up for any day of the week, they can only be good for our work.

Maja applying for a visa to Russia