Kicking off the autumn with some rhubarbs

Today we had the first lab meeting fort the semester. One good thing about it is that it happened, and it is likely to happen again. The reason? I´m not the one calling the lab meetings any more, Vendela is. Vendela Kempe Lagerholm is, together with Robert George, the new members of the group. I guess you can think of us researchers as a herd of cats (and with Robert as the latest addition to our flock). And not only a herd of cats doing their individual cat-things, but one herd let in to the laboratory. Research was always great, but the laboratory was not always that. Now, with Vendela looking after those essentials it is already much better than only before the summer.

Vendela and Robert, our new members


The veterans were back too, most of us. Me, Irene, Maja, Natalya, Hans, Gulsah. And this crowd brings much with them. Research of course, creativity and critical thinking. But before all, rhubarbs. Maja brought a home-made rhubarb cake, and it was jus delicious!

Irene is one of the old friends who has returned

Skärmavbild 2017-09-04 kl. 21.30.47