Ancient DNA with class

I have always thought we have a rather nice laboratory in Stockholm. A red brick-building with trees and vegetation at the entrance. Green and summery at the warmer months of the year. And there has been some cool people who worked at Stockholm University. Maybe we did not have any world-leaders in our laboratory-building, but one or two interesting characters have passed through our university.


That was till I visited the place where Flavio de Angelis does his stuff. Olga Rickards, his boss, has her clean room facility in a small palace in Frascati outside Rome. Villa Mondragone. ”Yea, the pope used to live here”, Flavio told me. And apparently Galileo Galilei did some of his research next to their laboratory too once up on a time. In Rome they have added style and class to their ancient DNA work like nowhere else.

The clean-room in Rome