These are crazy days

So, what is going on in Stockholm? It is crazy times right now. But that is good. I was mentioning previously that we submitted a lot, and that is coming back to haunt us now. Some gets accepted, and that is nice. It still brings some work with it, but that is good work. Fun work. Other manuscripts get rejected, and that is more work, taking in the critics and fixing them so they become good enough for a new submission to a different journal. That is more work. And on the top of that, it is application-times for Wenner-Gren. The possibility to apply for postdocs and guest researchers. To be handed in the 1st of October.


At some point I thought that this was a really good time to go to Moscow, and discuss particulars with our colleagues there. Isn´t it interesting how you sometimes want to bark at someone for your poorly planned schedule, but you cannot really do that, because it is yourself who have planned your schedule? These are crazy times, but good times, a special kind of good crazy.

Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow