What to do with hotel spare-time

One good thing with traveling is the amount of work you get done in the evening at the hotel. There are usually some few hours every night when you are done working with your host and before you go to bed, and these can be used hanging around in bars, with or without women’s clothing (sorry, that was Monty Python). But it is more fun to hang around in bars if you are 20 than if you are 48, so this time usually goes to writing stuff. Wenner-Gren applications for example. And here is the thing with Wenner-Gren applications, or any application. There is a research-plan, and that is fun to write. Cause these are ideas and research and stuff. At the end of that research-plan there is a very formalised list of references, and this is less fun to write. Now, if you are 20, you probably use some fancy software for that (and then you get more time to hang around in bars). But we who are more experienced and senior do it manually (cause we still do not understand that the three hours it takes to learn a new software will save us 300 hours later, and if we are really experienced and senior we would most likely spend more than those 300 hours and still not understand the software).


So when you are done with the research-plan, and its´ list of references, comes the uploading of CVs and publication lists and all that other good stuff. And that is when you really need those extra hours at the hotel. And coffee, a lot of coffee, and it needs to be strong. It is surprising that anybody writing an application get any time at all to hang around in bars, even if they are just 20 years old.