Moving from one application to another

Wenner-Gren had its deadline yesterday. Applications for short-time guest-researchers and international postdocs. These are not big grants with large and liberal fundings in them. But nevertheless, they present a possibility to perhaps retrieve grant-money for yet another group-member. And when you are managing your research-group, you cannot be picky. Those Wenner-Gren grants are among the few that allows for recruiting young researchers at their earliest stage. Actually, these latest two-three weeks have presented deadlines for Wenner-Gren and Marie Curie. Have you played your hand well, and if you have attracted the attention of some interesting candidates, these weeks could well result in one or two new group-members for you next year. We have five applications out in these three calls, from five researchers I would very much like see joining us. And if only one of them is approved, it has still been worth all the work.


Next are the larger applications. The next deadline is the Synergy-grant. EUs major, I mean MAJOR grant-call, and the mother of all research-grants. Very different in scale from Wenner-Gren, but never the less with a similar goal, to get good people to come and work with us. And thereafter comes EUs Initial Training Networks and Riksbankens medium and large sized grants early next year. Grant-applications is one of the major tasks when managing a research-group. At the moment our internal support from the university is very small, and we are completely dependent upon the external grants (if I quit doing these applications, I would soon be the only remaining member in the group). And we are in no way unique.

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