Georgia on my mind

Scientific talking in eastern Georgia


Teaching is important. We are supposed to be experts on what we are doing, and thus we should try to transfer at least some of that knowledge to the coming generations. And this can be really fun, especially if the teaching is in eastern Georgia, close to Azerbaijan. Then it is extra fun. Thus, as this course were not given in Tbilisi, the students who signed up for it needed to invest some extra energy into getting here. And if you are willing to do that, then you really want to take the course. Lecturing to such group of super-interested students is really a joy.

Azerbaijan is on the other side of the river


But as there are not only students here, there are also other scientists lecturing. Which provides room for more than teaching. There is so much science that needs to be discussed (preferably over shashlik and Georgian wine). Georgia is one of those hotspots where so much has happened during the ages. New ideas, new interpretations, perhaps new projects and materials that can lead to new larger projects and joint applications. And it does not hurt that the food is good and the wine is excellent. We have had a productive few days here in eastern Georgia, and it is not unlikely that we will be back soon for more of this.

Natalya is sequencing material from excavations such as this now