Do it right…

What would be the optimal conditions for writing a paper? A well-equipped laboratory, with all the computer power you need, places to go and get coffee and food during the breaks, and good Wi-Fi? Perhaps, if you are a softie. A spoiled softie that is. We walk a different path. Distractions, that is what we want to keep a bay. Like places where you can hang around and waste time on drinking coffee, or if the Wi-Fi is too good so you start to watch football instead of writing the paper. Or if there just is a risk of meeting another human being that can steal valuable time from the paper by talking to you and saying irrelevant things.


These days the two ancient DNA groups in Stockholm, the one at the Archaeological Research Laboratory and the one at the Natural History Museum are set for some proper writing. The real stuff! We are meeting up on an island, to where you cannot go to without a boat. Or actually, if the weather is as paper-writing-good as it is today, to which you cannot go to at all, period. There is nothing here to distract the researchers from working, no coffee places, no Wi-Fi that is too good, not even the risk of another Homo sapiens showing up by mistake and stealing attention by being nice (cause the rain and the wind would have him drown on the way here). And best of all, when it is only 12 centigrades where you are working, you need to write as fast as Yngwie Malmsteen was playing his guitar to keep your body from falling it to hypothermia.

Patricia is trying to harvest what heat she can


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