There is no second place, and no place in the storage

Time for a trip to Ankara, there is some work that has been piling up, applications, a manuscript, advances in a few projects. It is time to meet Mehmet and his crew and go over where we are with different things again. Those visits to Ankara are always fun and highly productive, so that is what I am expecting again. Only this time I already know that Mehmet and Emrah has organized for me to die somewhere in the Turkish mountains. But apart from that it is going to be all excellent, and hey, who has never been fighting for his life in the Turkish mountains, happens to everybody sooner or later, right?


The best way to get to Ankara is naturally by airplane, and especially with Turkish Airlines. My favourite airline company at the moment. They are flying a contemporary and modern airplane fleet, but applying service from the 80ies and 90ies. That means that the airplanes arrive on time, the crew is super helpful, the food is good and included, and simply all those things that once were but are no more. However, the competition is the same for Turkish Airlines travellers as for all other travellers. That is, he who gets as much and as heavy hand-luggage as possible on board, and manages to squeeze it into the over-seats storage before anybody else can get anything in there wins. I was good at it once, but I quit competing about a decade ago (always traveling light nowadays, and checking in whatever is not my computer). But I still enjoy watching the competitors though, it is a good sport with much action.