A frequent and welcome visitor from the other side of Europe

I have had the pleasure to work with Catarina Ginja ( auxiliary researcher at CIBIO-InBIO)  for some time now (her project is described here: http://archaic.campus.ciencias.ulisboa.pt/Archaic/home.html). She has been collecting data in our facility from domesticats over the recent years, in various bursts. She has, for example, placed Irene Ureña with us, and that has been fun and productive. After some time of intense data collecting, Catarina now have much ancient domestic genomic data to play with. And that is fun, data is always fun. When you are digging into your data, you usually not only explore your initial question, but find many more that you can address. These days Catarina is here, looking at her data, and organising for having it transferred to locations where it is easier for her to work with it from Portugal. However, being able to look at and play with your data also marks that the project moves in to the next phase, and one step closer to the end. But there is still much to be done before Catarinas domesticate-work here it completely over, so I will not have to worry about not seeing her again for at least some time.

Catarina, looking at her data