More on open access

If you want the good grants, then you need the good publications. Some juicy stuff in high-impact journals. Cool material from mythical sites providing significance for or against some classic hypothesis. And a certain amount of media coverage t to go with it. If you can get e few of those, then you are also likely to get a grant, given that you have a good and realistic project to apply with of course. And when you get the grant, you need to do more of them good papers to secure the next grant. But there is an extra thing with most western grants, you are also strongly encouraged to publish your stuff open-access. Now, the good part about publishing open access is that your research becomes available to everybody who is connected to the www. The bad part is that it will drain your fundings, it is more expensive than a vacation on a paradise island on the other side of the globe (and I´m not talking about Öland here, even if we all know that that is the ultimate paradise). In a superficial way all the extra fees for open access may seem odd, you are often paying more money for less work (several of the open access journals do not even print a paper copy of their issues). But that is not more odd than normal scientific publishing, where you are already paying a lot for giving up your rights to your own work and having someone else cashing in on what you are writing (if The Beatles and Rolling Stones thought they had bad deals in the beginning of their careers, they obviously never did science). Now, if you are getting one of them small grants from a classic western funding organisation, say €10.00, then you are basically smoked cause 50-70% of that will be used to try to publish open access to secure future grants, and then you are left with not-so-much to do science with. You cannot afford even to start planning the science you promised to do.


So, let me quote Samuel L. Jackson (although without a gun pointing at someone’s face): “I´m trying, I´m trying real hard”. Most of our stuff from the recent years have been published open access. And more have recently been submitted to such journals. But it is eating so much of my fundings, so from now on I will try to balance my publications. 50% open access and 50% classic publications where I´m just paying for not keeping the rights to my own work. Just as I am trying to balance my science between nerdy topics only I like and juicy stuff that will go with a larger audience.

Open Access, good business for the journals