Climate change impacts on human health in the pre industrial era

The Swedish science funder FORMAS published their latest decision on which projects they selected this year to fund. Among them was Hans Linderholms “Climate change impacts on human health in the pre industrial era”. There are a few things to note with this project. First of all, it is interesting. It is about human adaptation, and how climate changes can disrupt a system in balance and force humans into unhealthy contexts. Another is that it is based on ancient DNA, and mostly on already sequenced ancient DNA. We can use much of the data we have already produced within the ATLAS consortium in this project. A third thing is that although being run from Gothenburg (and it is here and in Texas where the lion-part of the project will likely be conducted), it has fair participation from Texas, Stockholm, and Uppsala. So, I´m looking forward to a few years of research-involvement with Hans (Gothenburg), Anna (Texas), and Mattias (Uppsala).