Setting up office at Stureplan

Now, I have been through this before. To write an application you need few things. One is a computer, another is time (not much, but some). And you also need coffee. And after a while you will get hungry from all that applicational work, and need food to keep the application from turning nasty and obnoxious. So, how do you get all this? How do you find the ultimate environment for writing a major application? Well, one possibility is a descent café downtown. Of course, the staff may wonder who these two figures are, who are sitting in a corner, chatting away, and never leave. But if you can live with a small inconvenience like that, Espresso House at Stureplan is not so bad for producing major ancient DNA applications. And, if the major application is granted, it will add to the myth of it when you retire many years from now to be able to say; “well, actually, we would never have had that major ancient DNA project if it was not for Espresso House at Stureplan…”.

Love doing major application things


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