Madness is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome

So, much of this trade is about applying for grants. Sequencing DNA, publishing papers, and employing postdocs costs money, and that money needs to come from somewhere. Usually from an external funding organisation. And the system is mostly fair, you have people who are in some kind of deciding committee with the task to secure the organizations interests, and several applicants applying for various projects. Those that are not granted most likely do not rhyme with what the committee wants the organizations money to be used for, or they judge the applicant not to be qualified to conduct the kind of research he or she is proposing.


If you have submitted applications to a funding body several times, and gotten them all rejected, you ought to suspect that they are not too keen on your research. Than you should take your applications to some other organization, that is more likely to fund your kind of research. Sadly, I´m from a part of Sweden where such rejections are seen as challenges, where stubbornness is considered a virtue. My rejector is not a major funding body, this one provide minor grants for multidisciplinary research in humanitarian sciences. And so far I have not been able to secure one grant from them. A sane researcher would stop putting work into it, acknowledging that this committee is not interested in your kind work and you would do better taking it somewhere else. But every year I send in a new application for some minor project or meeting, like a mad cinema-attender expecting the end to be different the 10th time I watch the movie. And as this latest one did not get approved neither, I am already planning my application for this organisations next call, this time Keyser Söze will get caught, this time Maximus Decimus Meridius will not die, this time Anton Chigurh will not get away with it.

Anton Chigurh getting away

Anton Chigurh