“In days of old when ships were bold just like the men who sailed them…”

Say you liked to play pirate when you were a kid, you put a scarf around your head and chased your friends with a home-made wooden-sword. Then when you grew up and started to work as a professor of molecular archaeology you of course made sure that you were included in some project that was all about old ships and guns and sailors. There you can secretly live all your child-dreams about the seven seas while disguising yourself as a serious ancient DNA researcher. Today Lars Einarsson at Kalmar County Museum hosted a meeting on the 17th century man-of-war Kronan. This is a pretty cool project that allows for studies on the 17th century society, naval history, medicine history, conservation techniques, and so many interesting things. And I like it very much that ancient DNA now will be a small part of this complex project.

The museum-crew showing the latest Kronan-finds