The department-day anno 2017

Gulsah and Natalya on the roof at Kastellet Stockholm


Avdelningsdagen, the department-day, now that is a nice day. All units at the department get together, and we spend a full day telling each other what we are doing, and having a nice dinner together. This time it was at Kastellet Stockholm, and we learned a lot of interesting stuff that is going on at the department. Among my favourites this time were Alison Klevnäs work on how to use Merovingian graves that appears to have been robbed in prehistoric times, how those graves are actually full of information. And Damien Huffers work on web-based trade with skeletal remains, impressive datamining and datalearning. And of course Ingrid Bergs work on the saving of Abu Simbel. If you grew up on the Archaeological Research Laboratory during the 90ies, Abu Simbel became an important part of the archaeology you were living.

Ingrid and Ricardo presenting their work


From our side we had Ricardo Rodriguez presenting work he has done, he is doing, and he is planning to do. It was a good closure of the Gunaches work, and also some information on where he is bringing his analyses these days. And when all presenting was over, then…oh yea, the Christmas buffet! The nice and sweet and over-sized Christmas buffet. This time of the year may be dark and damp in Sweden, but we know how to eat, we make up for it by some good eating.

Christmas food, what a joy for mind and body