Soon to be closed

The rush here is amazing. The people are in the laboratory from early till late, since the sequence facility will close over Christmas. This is instrumental. We have produced amazing amounts of data during November and December, we had to do that since the sequencing facility will close during Christmas and we will not be able to sequence any DNA during these days. Now, since the sequencing facility closes during Christmas we have to get all these libraries turned in before Christmas, to make sure that, well, to make sure that they at least are in the same place as the HiSeq X. For how long is the sequencing facility going to be closed, you may ask. And the answer is for more than a week, like for almost two weeks. Like 10 full days or something! So now you may ask if it really makes sense to go crazy with massive library production for almost two months if the facility is going to be closed less days than you have fingers on your hands. There is simply something dark and scary with the phrase “closed sequencing facility” that scares the spirit out of the people here, even if it were to be closed for only half an hour.

No sequencing, for at least a very short period

Skärmavbild 2017-12-07 kl. 14.44.11


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