The 3d reviewer

When you send several manuscripts off in a short period, some will get accepted quicker than others, and for some you will have to work harder. There is likely a large protion of randomness to this, depending on who is reviewing and who is editing and where you send it etc. But in your own mind it is always somebody at the journal-side who is screwing with you if you do not get the manuscript accepted immediately. And quit often there appears to be a third reviewer who understood very little, or who is out to get you. It is most probably his / her fault that your paper is not accepted, at least in your own mind. The 3d reviewer. One thing we often fail to recognize though is that the manuscripts that we have to work most to get accepted are also those that finally turns out to be best written. They have been under several reviewers eyes and been re-worked a few times before they get accepted somewhere. We have one such manuscprit now, and although Id like to jump on a flight to the journals hq with a big long sharp knife for some proper physical negotiation, I keep telling myself that this will likely be the best out of everything we submitted in 2017 if I only do not do anything violent in the submission-phase.