”First thing you learn is that you always gotta wait”

For some time now we have tried to use some of our energy to finish projects that have been ignored for so long that the dark art of necromancy is needed to revive them. Our work with the POWs from Sala Silvergruva is such an example, and we have a paleo-Eskimo-dataset generated many many years ago that we are preparing for it´s long deserved submission these weeks.


Some time before 1998 in Moscow

Maria Dobrovolskaya: So what is that you are going to do now again Anders.

Anders Götherström: Just take some little piece from some of those, and we will learn all their amazing secrets, you know.

Maria Dobrovolskaya: All 65 of them, you are drilling holes in all 65 of them?

Anders Götherström: Yea, but think how much more we will know about them and their secrets in only a few weeks from now…


2009, more than 10 years later

Anna Linderholm: Wow Anders, this is a lot of data, a looooooot of paleo-eskimo-data, do you really know what you are doing?

Anders Götherström: Anna, these amplicons were sequenced in a system developed by Jonas, Jonas from the mighty Binladen family, and trained by people from the legendary Oxford-group. This is going to make us rich and famous Anna.

Anna Linderholm: Yea, I’ve heard that one before, now I feel so much better…

Anna labing away in Stockholm

Anna i aDNA lab


Oddny Sverrisdottir: What am I doing now again with these D-loops Anders?

Ander Götherström: We have used the authentication-method developed by Agnar Helgason at DeCode on the rugged island of Iceland. Agnar from the legendary Cambridge group you know. See if you can get the EMPOP people in Austria to look at it, they have some power in their databases.

Oddny Sverrisdottir: You want me to ask Walther Parsons, the head of the central forensic mt facility in Europe, OK. Will do.

Walther ready to take on the stuff


2017 (the last few days of the year)

Oddny Sverrisdottir: Anders, you realise that this master-thesis with all the background-information on the samples you just gave me is dated to 1998, you have been on this project some freaking 20 years now! And what happened with rich and famous?

Anders Gotherstrom: It is all happening now Oddny, it is happening now. I’m moving the whole project to Texas. Texas is a good place to get rich and famous. And it is a good place to deal with old floppy discs because not many people can read those any more, but Anna has soon been in the trade for two decades, so she will probably know what to do with them…


If one dataset deserves a book on how it has been worked, and by whom, it is this paleo-Eskimo dataset from north-eastern Siberia.


Oddny & Anders, with a 20 year old dataset


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