More is more, less is a bore

Today Torsten presented an exceptional exception. A study that was just accepted for publication where one of the peculiarities is a prehistoric individual sequenced to 57X. And this is an exception because Uppsala and Stockholm are on an ATLAS-retreat. The stage for studies in the making. But Torsten had a perfectly good excuse for his presentation, the study he was presenting was one that has been with the ATLAS since the early days, and one where most of us have been involved in one way or another. A good example on a team-effort, coordinated by Torsten. Otherwise we got to hear about the genetics of war-ship crews, things that happened in prehistoric Russia, and the prehistoric genomics of norther as well as western Europe. There was much on the plate today.

A dinner is a good setting for a discussion


And speaking about plates, Bomans in Trosa, where we are having the retreat, presented us with an excellent Christmas-dinner this past evening. Bomans are delivering by the claim: More is more, less is a bore. The food as well as the lodging. Not two rooms look the same, they are all designed according to different themes and ideas. And while it was fun looking at the different rooms and going all in on the Christmas-dinner, the real value lies in the discussions that started in the conference-room and continued throughout the evening over food, IPAs, and coffee.

Åda manner was the inspiration for my room